How can I improve my copywriting skills?

Care About the Quality of Your Online Copywriting

If you are going to be a great copywriter you have to care about writing. It can't be just a ‘job'. It should be something you have some passion for.

If you have what it takes to write strong, honest, genuine, and useful copy, you are probably a lover of all good writing. Expand you knowledge and experience. Read other copywriting books, but also read great fiction. If your passion is to write well, you should be feeding yourself with a diet of great writing.

Ask Someone to Review Your Web Copy

There is a temptation for copywriters to be vain about their copy, and defensive about what others say about it. However, keep in mind that the copy we write serves a particular need—it is written to address the purpose of a particular site page, email, or newsletter.

Keep yourself honest and on track—ask someone to read through your copy before you publish it. When writing for the Internet, this is a great way to find areas of text where you are not being as clear as you thought you were.

Write More Than One Draft of Your Copy

Nobody writes their best work in a single draft. Not a novelist, not a journalist, not a copywriter. If you think you are done after one draft, then you are not giving your best.

You need to put aside your copy for a few hours, even overnight. Then, read it afresh. You'll certainly see areas where it can be improved. Write a second draft, and a third. The web is a tough medium for copy. You can't afford to publish your second best. When writing for the Internet you won't reach your best copy until you have written two or three drafts.

Read Your Web Copy Out Loud

It may sound kind of embarrassing, but reading your copy out loud is a great way to find weaknesses in the flow and rhythm of your writing. When we read our text on the monitor or on paper, some part of our brain somehow compensates for weaknesses in our sentence structure.

*Read that same text out loud, and the flaws become much more apparent.

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