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Writing for the Internet: Use active verbs in your sales copy

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Should I use active verbs in my sales copy?

Writing for the Internet: Use active verbs in your sales copy

This is an oldie, but a goodie (and it applies both to offline and online copy). If you want someone to do something, use an active verb at the beginning of key headings, paragraphs, links, and calls to action. Here are some popular examples:

• Sign up now.
• Download your free white paper.
• Subscribe here.
• Buy now.
• Choose from these three items.
• Find out how to get started.
• Discover the secret to...
• Solve your problems with...
• Start here.

One of the secrets to effectively writing for the internet is to spell things out for people. Unfortunately, not everyone can figure out how to do simple things without directions. Be assertive and explicative and you are likely to see more results.



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