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Press Releases - Pass the "Who Cares?" Test

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Why do press and media releases focus on what a company or organization cares about, not what the reader cares about?

Press Releases - Pass the "Who Cares?" Test

Does your intended audience really care? If not, you don't have a killer press release. Here's an example to illustrate the point:

When an annual prize has been awarded, the winner wants everyone to know how great he or she is. But will the reader really care?

It's far better to turn things around and not focus on the winner, but on something bigger. Use the act of winning as an indicator of some broader social or local trend. Look at the below. The winning of the prize might:

• Boost the morale of a local school
• Attract business
• Help a family get ahead

Look behind the obvious, narrow subject of the story - and find something broader that a larger number of people will care about. Make more people care.



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