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Web Copywriting Preparation Tips

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How do I know what my site visitors want?

Know the expectations of your web site visitors

Once you have clarity about the purpose of your web site, the next most important thing is to understand the expectations and hopes of your visitors. Everyone who comes to your site is looking for something, hoping for something. You need to let them know they are in the right place. Let them know that they can find what they want on YOUR site.

Of course, to achieve this, you need to get an understanding of what your visitors really are looking for. How can you tell? You can tell by tracking which pages they go to and by seeing which keywords and phrases they used if they came to your site through a search engine.

What can I expect my site to achieve?

Understand the Purpose of Your Web Site

The single most important thing you need to get clear in your head before you begin to write is : What are you trying to achieve with your site? Ask yourself the following questions:

• What are you trying to achieve with your site?
• Are you trying to make a sale?
• Are you trying to get people to sign up for your newsletter?
• Do you want people to bookmark your site and come back again and again?
• Do you want people to register in some way?

If you aren't clear about the purpose of your site, everything within it will be confused. It will meander around and your visitors will sense this. They will catch the scent of any ambiguity. Make it clear. Make it simple.

*Once you are clear about purpose, you will start copywriting with greater clarity.

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