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Where can I find examples of great sales letters?

Sample Sales Letters: Learn from the Best

Whether you're writing for print, a web page, or an email, sometimes you'll be faced with the need to write a letter that drives direct sales. There is a real skill here. And the best way to improve your skills is to study sample sales letters from copywriters who have achieved huge success.

There are a few ways to get your hands on a proven sample sales letter, but some of the best sample sales letters can be obtained through the Monthly Copywriting Genius service from the American Writers and Artists Institute.

Each month they pick a huge winner and conduct an interview with the copywriter. Then they take you through the letter and show you where its greatest strengths lie. Highly recommended.

How can writing persuasive sales letters as a direct mail copywriter a skill that will always make you a good income as a freelance writer?

Writing Direct Mail Sales Letters for Money

Direct mail packages typically include a number of elements within the envelope. However, the heart and soul of the package is the sales letter itself. The direct sales letter does the heavy lifting when it comes to making the sale.

One of the best ways to learn the craft of writing persuasive sales letters is to study examples that have achieved exceptional results. There are two places I can recommend you go to find examples of some of the best sales letters ever.

The first is to sign up for a copywriting course. The second source of great sales letter examples is through a monthly subscription service called Monthly Copywriting Genius. Each month you will get to study a different package, including an interview with the writer.

How can I make my freelance copywriting skills faster by interacting and meeting with other copywriters?

Direct Mail Copywriting Help, Tips and Support

Being a freelance copywriter is often a very solitary occupation. This can be very hard you when you are starting out—particularly when you are learning your craft. Enrolling in a freelance writing course can help.

Through most freelance writing courses you will receive constant feedback during and after the course. There are forums where students can ask questions and post comments within a community of other students.

Talking about your craft and perfecting it with the help of teachers and peers can help take the loneliness out of the occupation.

How can I write a great sales letter?

The Power of Sales Letters

The power of many sales efforts lies in the skill to write a great sales letter. You'll find the underlying magic of a strong sales letter in many different places—including emails and web pages, as well as actual direct mail packages.

At its core, a direct sales letter is a selling machine. It is crafted in such a way as to grab and hold a reader's attention. You want to engage that reader and pull him or her in to your story. In other words, a boring sales letter won't get you anywhere.

Where can I find sales letter templates?

Sales Letter Templates - For Letters That REALLY Sell

If you have significant writing skills, and know how to write copy that truly sells, you can write your own sales letter text. However, if you are not confident that you can get the very best results with your own level of sales copy skills, you'll probably get much better results by working with one of the many sample sales letters available.

*I don't often recommend the template approach, but his letters are excellent and will do better than most of the original letters you or I might write.

How can I build a web site for a service business?

FREE Copywriting Course for Service Business Web Sites

A lot of attention is paid to writing ecommerce sites where physical goods are being sold. However, there is also a huge opportunity for service businesses (whether it's a writing business or a landscape gardening business).

Correctly written, a service industry site can generate a huge amount of qualified prospects and clients (wherever you are and whatever the service business you are in). You can learn the craft and secrets of writing an effective service business web site with a FREE download of a freelance writing course called “Service Sellers Masters Course”, by Ken Evoy. It's effective and…IT”S FREE.

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