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Growing Your Freelance Business Tips

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How can I better promote my copywriting business?

Promoting Your Copywriting Business

Ask yourself some important questions:

• How good are you at selling yourself?
• How well do you promote your freelance copywriting business?
• Are you getting the big, high-paying clients you want?
• Are you using your promotional dollars and time wisely?

If, like most of us, you sell other people's products and services a whole lot better than you sell your own, you're probably leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Being a freelance copywriter means that you run your own business. And, if you would like that business to be a great deal more profitable and add tens of thousands of dollars to your annual income, be sure that you are selling yourself—not just selling products for others.

How much money do copywriters make?

How Much Do Copywriters Earn?

Interestingly, it is not necessarily the best copywriters who earn the most. It is the good copywriters who really know how to market their services well. Freelance copywriters can earn from $30,000 to $300,000 a year and over. The figure you earn will depend on a number of factors, including:

• How much experience do you have?
• How good are you ate marketing your services?
• What rates do you charge?

One essential resource when trying to estimate how much you should be earning each year, and how much you should charge per hour or per job is Chris Marlow's 2005 Freelance Copywriter Fee & Compensation Survey.

This survey tells you how much freelance copywriters earn in a year, how they estimate for their work, and how much they charge for a variety of different writing jobs both offline and on the web.

Can I start a copywriting career from home?

Copywriting Career

The best thing that you can do to boost your copywriting career is to invest in a website. Once you have a site, you can direct prospects there so that they can easily access information about you. On your website, be sure to include:

• A portfolio page
• Assorted writing samples on various subjects
• Job experience
• Links to companies that you have worked for in the past
• Contact information
• A photo (it's a great idea to put a face with your name & work)

If you're a fairly new copywriter and lack experience, don't say too much about experience. Subtlety can be beneficial so use the power of words and be clever and they're likely to focus more on that.

How can I grow my newsletter subscription list?

The "Agora Model" for Online Business Success

Online businesses have tried all kinds of different business models in their search for success online.

Agora Publishing, instead of following typical online strategies, has instead followed a traditional, offline direct marketing approach. They don't stress over search engine optimization, but instead focus attention on building a house list of people they email to a size of over one million names.

Case studies have proved this method effective (one model produced over $100 million in sales last year alone).

Can I make money by writing resumes?

Resume Writing & Travel Writing for Extra Income

• Does your writing work keep you busy every hour of your working day?
• Do you have some down time?
• Are there times you could be earning money, but don't have a paying job to work on?

If you want a source of excellent additional income, think about resume writing or helping people learn how to write a resume for money. The majority of people in the world need to work to make a living. Having a good resume is an essential part of getting a job and people are willing to pay top dollar to get well-written ones. Why shouldn't you get those top dollars? You'll be making more money and picking up valuable experience along the way.

How do I get more subscribers for my newsletter?

How to Grow your Newsletter Subscriber List

If you're a freelancer, you probably publish a newsletter. If you don't, you should! One of the best and fastest ways to grow your list of newsletter subscribers is through a process called co-registration.

How does it work? You agree with other newsletters publishers to promote their newsletters if they promote yours. The process is just invite people to sign up for their newsletters on your own sign-up thank-you page. And they do the same for you.

Can I improve my level of productivity when I work?

Use a Hypnosis Program to Achieve More

You are getting very sleepy…

When you work for yourself, it's critical that you make the most productive use of your time possible. How can you do that? There are obviously a number of different approaches to take. However, hypnosis programs have been known to make profound differences on productivity levels, especially for freelance writers who need to improve their self esteem and core inner strength.

If you want to achieve peak performance when you sit down to work, or even if you suffer from writer's block, you might want to find out more about this self hypnosis program.

How can I get new clients for my freelance writing business?

How to Get More High-Paying Clients

Being a successful freelance writer means more than simply being able to write well and deliver on time—you also need to have the marketing and promotional skills to attract high-paying clients and jobs. The number one weakness of most freelance writers is poor promotional skills.

If you get enough work and are happy with that, then you don't have a problem. However, if you have bigger ambitions and want to build a successful business that earns you a good six figures each year, get all of the advice that you can from people who know. Try talking to successful copywriters and signing up for programs (like the one offered by Bob Bly). Those with experience and success can help lead you down the path that they took.

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