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Freelance Copywriting Tips

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How do I write a professional resume?

How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter

If you are looking for a job, you need a great resume and cover letter to fight through the clutter and competition. Just because you are a writer does not mean that you can write anything. Writing resumes and cover letters is a professional craft, just like writing direct mail or web pages.

It is a good idea to hire a professional to write a resume for you. There are many professional resume writing services available. Try doing a search online. Before choosing a company, however, make sure to read customer reviews.

Where can I find online marketing data?

Strategic Internet Marketing Success

Many online copywriters are also involved on the marketing side (this role either comes naturally or is thrust upon writers by clients or through necessity).

• How do you market online?
• How do you get it right?
• How do you attract more visitors to your sites and increase conversion rates?

If you have tried it, you know it's not easy. A great resource site available is It's a subscription site, but gives you access to an amazing amount of primary research data. It shows methods that work and methods that don't work, and demonstrates how to take a more strategic approach to internet marketing plans.

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When You Do Not Feel Like Writing

When it comes to freelance writing, everyone reaches a point when they don't feel like writing. Everything seems great, from the amazing topic to the reasonable deadline. When we are ready to start writing, we become distracted and start procrastinating. We find ourselves losing motivation to even start the assignment.

You may feel lazy at this point, but this is not the case. Freelance writing takes a lot of work, dedication and self-discipline, but we all hit a brick wall every now and again. You may feel burnt out, overworked, stressed or simply tired. It is very important that you give yourself a break to recharge your batteries from time to time. Watch a movie, go for a walk or work on other chores around the house. Do not be afraid to ask for a short extension if you have a tight deadline. If you want to give your client the best work you can, then you will need to feel your best when writing.

How much do freelance copywriters charge?

Freelance Copywriting Rates and Fees

Whether you are new to freelance copywriting, or an old hand, you need to know how much to estimate for copywriting jobs. If you estimate too high, you may lose the job to someone else. And, if you estimate too low, you'll be leaving money on the table and may do your reputation some damage at the same time.

So, how do you KNOW how much to charge? You can ask around and check with other copywriters. But your best bet, however, is to get a current copy of “The Freelance Copywriter Fee & Compensation Survey”.

This survey tells you how much freelance copywriters earn in a year, how they estimate for their work, and how much they charge for a variety of different writing jobs (offline and on the web). This is an essential resource for anyone who needs to know current freelance copywriting rates.

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