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How do I break into freelance writing for the health market?

Find Freelance Writing Work in the Health Market

Medical writing is potentially huge for freelance writers. There are plenty jobs in this market the tricky part, however, is finding them. We all have to start somewhere. Here are a few ideas on how to land that first job:

• Write to health companies that interest you and show your knowledge and enthusiasm
• Network—talk to other writers or to friends of friends who know people in the health market
• Knock on some doors locally (even if it's a small alternative health store)
• Scan the internet for products and companies - and their contact info.

What are 10 Ways to Make a 6-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer?

10 Ways to Make a 6-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer

In this article Bob Bly outlines his top ten tips to help freelance writers realize their dreams. (Bob earns over $500,000 a year as a freelance writer.) Here are his top 5 tips:

1. Get serious about making money.

2. Have a daily revenue goal.

3. Value your time.

4. Increase your personal productivity.

5. Outsource.

How can I learn from other freelance writers, and use their experience to get more business and make more money.

62 Freelance Writers Questions Answered

One of the disadvantages of being a freelance writer is that you work in isolation and may often find yourself struggling with issues that other writers have already resolved. Try obtaining the wisdom that these writers have to offer. How do you tap into the knowledge of other writers? Here are a few ways:

• Join writers' forums (you can find these groups on any search engine)
• Sign up for newsletters aimed at writers and copywriters
• Find books and courses that include plenty of feedback from working writers

Learning other writers' questions and answers about freelance writing can help you gain valuable insight. Utilize your peers.

What does it take to be a freelance copywriter? Do you need a degree? Amazing writing skills?

Freelance Copywriting: What Qualifications Do You Need?

What does it take to become a 6-figure copywriter?

• You need a desire to succeed.
• You need to be willing to learn.
• You need to know your own value.
• You need to be able to ‘speak' with enthusiasm on subjects...and write it down.

Here's what you DON'T need...

• You don't need a degree.
• You don't need much money to get started.
• You don't need to be a creative genius.
• You don't even need to be a master of the written word.

You might want to consider taking a class (like Michael Masterson's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting writing course). Enrolling in a copywriting course is a step in the right direction.

How do I become a travel writer?

6 Things You Need to Be a Travel Writer

Which 6 things do you need to be a travel writer?

• You need a desire to succeed (you have to work, commit time, fight failure, and build on success)
• You need an interest in new places and people
• You need to have opinions (readers want honesty—if a hotel is disappointing, tell them)
• You must be observant
• You need to read and do research (including potentially taking a travel writers course)
• You have to write! It may sound obvious, but this is the hardest part for many travel writers

Where can I find freelance writing jobs?

Copywriter Jobs

Once you have honed your skills as a copywriter, you'll want to find work. What are the best ways to find copywriter jobs?

• Word of mouth and networking
• Get to know people, and move forward one job at a time
• Use an outsource service (like the Freelance Work Exchange

You won't find a job sitting around and waiting for one so utilize the resources that are at your fingertips!

What are effective trigger words for fundraising headlines?

Freelance Writing for The Fundraising Market

Here is a list of trigger words that have been shown to be effective in fundraising headlines:

• Announcing
• Emergency
• Disaster
• Beginning
• How To
• Why
• New Crisis
• At Last, Free
• Here's How
• This

This list is taken from AWAI's fundraising copywriting course, "Secrets of Writing for The Fundraising Market". As a fundraising copywriter you should keep a note of these and use them where appropriate.

How can I build a successful freelance writing business?

Freelance Writing Success in a Box

Having the skills to write is just one part of what it takes to be successful in web copywriting or print copywriting. You also need to know:

• Setting up your freelance business
• Prospecting for clients
• Asking for the right fees
• Knowing where to get the most profitable work
• Running your business efficiently and profitably

It's helpful to find a mentor to advise you on all these things.

What is the article by Nick Usborne: 3 Ways to Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer?

3 Ways to Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer

To make a six-figure income as a freelance writer, you need to be an expert. And, you need your name to jump to people's lips when a particular job or challenge comes up. "Direct mail for software? You should get in touch with Bob. That's what he does..." (insert your own name and specialty where appropriate).

You can't get that kind of awareness or referral if you're someone who just writes about anything in any medium—nobody is going to believe that you are a trusted expert in absolutely everything.

How do you determine a viable 'niche'? Read the full article to find YOUR freelance writing niche for a six-figure income.

How do I write a great press release?

Writing Press Releases: Don't Be Cute

Press releases are not the right place to get all cute and personal with the editor or journalist to whom you are writing. Be careful that the language you use in your press release isn't too casual or chummy.

Keep in mind that successful editors and journalists have likely seen and read it all, and your efforts to be their buddy will likely fall on deaf ears. Also remember that they are looking for material they can easily transform into content for their publication (your tone should match as closely as possible to the tone of the publication to which you are writing).

How do I write for the fundraising market?

Freelance Writing for The Fundraising Market

All too often, freelance writers not familiar with the fundraising market make two mistakes:

1. They think that non-profit clients are just charities (like the Salvation Army)
2. They think that non-profits pay lower fees

Not true! Here are some of the types of organizations that are desperate for good fundraising letters (they constantly look to outsource the work to freelance fundraising copywriters):

• Art Centers
• Health Organizations
• Social Service Agencies
• Animal Shelters
• Museums
• Schools and Universities
• Nature and Conservation Groups
• Religious Organizations

The list is endless, and the money for good freelance writers is excellent.

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