What other skills does a web copywriter need?

Online Copywriters Need to Understand More Than Just Text

The online environment is very different. It isn't sufficient simply to write copy and have a designer drop it into the site. During the writing process itself, keep these things in mind:

• You need to understand how and where the copy will be working on the page
• You need to understand the constraints of writing for the web
• You need to understand the opportunities involved with writing for the web

What does this mean? It means acquainting yourselves with the skills and challenges of other people who work online (such as designers, programmers and usability engineers, to name a few).

Learn the Basics of Web Design

The design of a page has a huge impact on how your copy will be presented and how it will appear to the visitor. You need to understand what your designer is trying to achieve and write in a way that will work within the design.

If you don't have a basic grasp of design, you will find yourself at the mercy of your designer, without the opportunity to suggest alternative layouts that might better present your key messages.

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