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How To Avoid Email Filters

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How can I avoid email filters?

How To Avoid Email Filters

Did you know that over half of all the email and newsletters sent to AOL accounts is filtered out at the server level? In their fight against spam, AOL and every other ISP is filtering out anything that looks like spam...even before it arrives at the recipient's account.

There are plenty of issues to consider when it comes to avoiding email filters, but here's a big one you can address right away: Avoid using anything that might make your communication look like spam, both in the subject line and the body of your text.

• Don't use ALL CAPS
• Avoid words like Free, Special, Offer, Prize etc.
• If you are sending out HTML newsletters, be careful of the file size—keep it small

*Before you send any newsletters or email, you can run them through a SpamCheck service. Creating email newsletters that are 'filter-friendly' is a copywriting skill you will need to acquire sooner rather than later.



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