Write a Great Subject Line

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How do I write a good subject line for my emails?

Write a Great Subject Line

If your list is large enough, test your subject lines before the main ‘send'. It's almost impossible to predict which subject line will work best. Without testing, you are simply guessing.

With or without testing, don't try ‘selling' or even ‘teasing' in your subject line. The use of marketing or sales words in your subject line can easily lead to your email being filtered. In other words – it might look like spam. And, even if your message gets past email and spam filters, your subscribers might also see it as ‘spammy' and delete it.

The key here is to achieve RECOGNITION. Use the subject line to get recipients to think, “Yes, I've been waiting for something from these guys. I want to read this.”

Use your company name, or newsletter name. Say something to help the recipient recognize that this email is from a source they trust. Also, keep your subject lines under 50 characters in length.

*Before you send it, test your email through one of the 'spam detector' services...just to see if it is likely to trigger any email filters.



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