Effective Direct Email Marketing Campaigns

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How do I avoid being filtered by spam filters?

Effective Direct Email Marketing Campaigns

Who likes Spam anyway? Because of the huge amount of spam, email filters are becoming more and more aggressive. Email and email newsletters are being filtered at both the gateway and ISP level, then it has to get past individual spam filter settings (this is a huge problem for email marketers and newsletter publishers who are writing direct email marketing campaigns).

To get past the filters you need to be very careful about the language you use both in your subject lines and in the body of your content when you are writing promotional emails. Avoid “selling” words (there are obvious ones like “Free” and “Now”). Some ISP content filters will also count it against you if you use these words or phrases (“opt-in”, “unsubscribe”, “guarantee” and “click here”, etc.).

*Before you send your email, you can run it through a SpamCheck service.



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